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live in the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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good monday morning. time to get up and go i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a father and son are doing fine in morning after coast guard members help saved them from their sinking small plane that crash landed into the ocean off the central coast. kara clapper isly at san francisco international. >> reporter: -- it was an annual father and son trip that didn't go as planned, when the single engine cessna crashed south of big sur. we have video from the coast guard. this rescue happened 38 miles off the coast between monterey and the bay yesterday afternoon. man and his son on their way from santa barbara to canada, then their plane went down.
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helicopter rescue crew responded to the may-day call. the coast guard lieu taken talks about the technology the -- tenant talks about the technology the men had onboard their plane which saved their lives >> it sent up a signal to a satellite you register describes the vessel they own, who owns it and what type of vessel, in this case an aircraft. because they did that it helped saved their lies. >> reporter: the sea plane was overturned and caught in a kelp field when the father and son were rescued the 70-year-old man was suffering from hypothermia he and his son refused medical help. kara clapper, abc7 news women there was another rescue yesterday, this time in pacifica, this video courtesy of one of our viewers. 16-year-old boy stuck on the
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rocks at rock away beach 30 feet from the -- rockaway beach, 30 feet from the water. the victim was hoisted to a landing area, taken to the hospital with possible hand injury. woman killed in a crash in walnut creek saturday night has been identified as 52-year-old barbara hicks of san bar . she and another -- red pick up drove on to the sidewalk and struck them both. hicks daughter-in-law in critical, she is in her 20s. police say the driver of the pick up was speeding. he had to be cut from the wreckage himself. 53-year-old was taken to the hospital but moved to jail yesterday where he faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter. milpitas police searching for who shot and killed a 7-eleven employee over the weekend police responded to
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reports of a shooting at 2:15 saturday morning. they found the body a 62-year-old employee, the man's name has not been released, per the family's request. nadia lockyer is scheduled to be in court later today on drug and child endangerment charges she wases arrested last month at a y's home. police found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia -- in the room she was sharing with her son. she has pleaded not guilty. she was released and reentered drug rehab. she ther'?ñ estranged wife of state treasurer bill lockyer. there are nine major fires burning in california now. the newest began friday in lake county, the scots fire burned five miles only 15% contained. a mile from homes, so far no evacuates.
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75 miles southeast of that,? 1300s are battling a wildfire. right now the 16 complex fire is 85% contained, burned 2 miles since it began september 4th. officials expect to have it surrounded today >> presidential candidates return to the campaign trail today many is enjoying a bounce in the polls and the campaign -- war chest. katie marzullo with the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: the president is bolstered by new gallup daily tracking poll which has him five points ahead. president obama got a boost from one voter in florida, the bear hug seen around the world. the president popped into a pizza parlor in fort pierce and the owner maybe got a little carried away while in florida president obama was courting seniors by
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criticizing romney's medicare plan. romney appeared on "meet the press ".in an attempt to clarify his plans for obamacare. >> the president: here's the bottom line, their plan bankrupts medicare. our plan strengthens medicare. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course there are a number of things that i like that i'm going to put in place, one to make sure that those with preexisting conditions with get courtroom. >> reporter: president obama raised more than 114 million dollars in august, romney brought in 111 million the first time in four months the democrats have out-raised gop but the third straight month that romney has raised more than 100 million dollars. mitt romney is holding a campaign rally today in ohio, no republican has won the presidency without winning that battleground state. president obama is scheduled to be at the white house. he's expected to be back in san francisco, raising money, october 8th.
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motorcycle police officer with 20 years on the force was struck and killed yesterday while escorting president obama's motorcade. the officer was preparing to shutdown a florida highway when he was hit by a pick-up truck. he later died at a hospital no charges have been filed against the driver. the president who attended a campaign event has sent his condolences to the officer's family. a day before the 11th anniversary of 9/11, more and more people are visiting the pennsylvania field where flight 93 crashed. hijackers took over the flight with plans to crash the plane into the white house or the capital, but the passengers fought back and brought the plane down in shanksville, pennsylvania. a memorial on that site draws more than 1,000 bus groups a year park officials hope to break ground on a new visitor's center. >> new projections show the world trade center memorial will cost nearly that much, 60 million dollars a year to
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operate. critics worry the private foundation building the memorial will need a federal subsidy to help pay for it. the 700 million dollar project features huge reflecting pools, waterfalls as well as underground museum still under construction. the memorial drew more than four million visitors in its first year. mike's weather, banner warm week. that sounds good. >> it does. the weekend wasn't too bad either. >> saw a little warming trend begin over the weekend continues into today through the workweek, hold on enough for the week. first getting you out the door calm this morning, fastest winds oakland event miles per hour concord out of south 13 south wet 15 fairfield no gusts up to 30, 35 fairfield, don't have a strong on shore wind. a lot of dry air on top of us
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points south marine layer clouds around for the better part of the morning. noon seeing sunshine, some along the coast upper 50s lunchtime. mid 70s bay, 80 inland. by 4:00, mid 80s up land, 77 bay, 64 coast. then we all drop four to nine degrees towards 7:00. sunsets 7:24. the days are getting shorter. for the next three days, near normal tomorrow, about two to six degrees warmer wednesday and thursday, temperatures above average, some of that warmth starting to leak out to the coast. good news, clearing, first the san mateo bridge stall on the highrise section lane three, brake lights starting westbound out of hayward. eastbound moving well, hopefully they will get that stall out of lanes. southbound 880 industrial the
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accident now cleared out of lanes off to the shoulder, no delays, just waiting for the tow truck. north 101 sir francis drake roadwork continuing through the cortamadera area. 24 westbound at telegraph, chp saying there's a couch and cushions in lane three, they are trying to clear that out to get that out of the way so you don't swerve and hit any of those cushions, southbound 680 moving well through walnut creek towards highway 24 through the san ramon valley no problems into the dublin-pleasanton area. 5:10. next, the impact of health reform, how it is impacting the number of young people who are insured. fare cheats beware. muni is writing more tickets to passengers who ride without paying. >> the link between smoking marijuana and a rare form of cancer.
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which group of smokers at greatest risk? why nasa scientists concerned about curiosity's footprint. how the 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> federal government plans to cut by more than half its stake at american international group selling off stock treasury department expects to earn a profit on the bailout investment. jc penney will begin offer free haircuts for children on sunday starting in november. there was an overwhelming response to its offer last month not sure the kids liked it. possession was tops at the box office slowest weekend in 11 years the film sold just 9 1/2 million dollars worth of tickets, very underwhelming. that is america's money. 5:14. students in the nation's third largest school district will not be in class, chicago teachers call a strike this morning, possibly affecting 400,000 students after months of negotiations the issues preventing a new contract are standard too diced testing and teacher evaluations -- are
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standardized testing and teacher evaluations. >> after the new system can result in almost 6,000 teachers, 30% of ourmen discharged -- of our membership discharged in one or two years. >> this is unnecessary, avoid and our kids do not deserve this. >> this is the first time in 20 few years chicago teachers have gone on strike. 25,000 teachers are hitting the picket lines. you are looking at a live picture. 5:15. new study shows marijuana use may increase the risk of certain types of testicular cancer in young men. the study of 455 california men found those who smoked pot were twice as likely to have been diagnosed with testicular germ cell time mores the most common form in men under 35.
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study adds to mounting evidence that smoke smoke marijuana may have lasting affects on fertility and overall health. it seems more young adults are getting health insurance. cdc says, the share of people from 19 to 25 with courtroom increased by 1/6 last year. this means 1.6 million fewer uninsureed people in america. the author it is -- due to the obama administration's new law allowing children to stay on parents' policies until they turn 26. san francisco muni's new strategy of putting inspectors onlines is seeing -- muni has issued more than 37,000 fare evasion citations in the past nine months, big increase from the 21,000 citations in the same period of last year. used to be muni sends 50
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inspectors onlines with history of security problems. since all door boarding started in july inspectors go on every line, looking to issue $100 citations to fare evaders whether they ride in pacific heights or bay view. muni expecting 45 new diesel hybrid buses to replace the buses that are wearing out. muni has approved nearly 37 million dollars to buy the buses from a company based in canada. toe time is expected this winter -- prototype is expected this winter. while nasa scientists didn't expect the rover to find water on the red planet, they are hoping it won't, sim -- simmering controversy over what could happen fit did find water. the drill bits may be contaminated with microbes from earth and could survive if they come in contact with water, bringing live from earth to mars. anybody ever see the movie the
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andrometer strain? [ unintelligible ] a lot of yellow and orange in the skies today. >> a lot of blue too after -- [ talking over each other ] >> definitely bright outside, good morning, cloud cover this morning, very minimal marine layer, 1400 feet should be easy to get rid of. a little drizzle possible along the coast maybe a mist that's it. santa rosa 48°, everybody else in the 50s, head down to the monterey bay, low to mid 50s even as you head inland. today more warmth coming into
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the forecast, cooler in our valleys the next couple of nights we won't have cloud cover more 40s north bay, sunny, warm through the weekend.ínr today, one degree warmer oakland, flee san francisco, santa rosa -- three in san francisco, biggest jump fremont 69 yesterday, 77 today. a lot of 70s south bay. campbell, los gatos and saratoga low to mid 80s. throw 70s peninsula, menlo park and palo alto 75. low to mid 60s coast daly city 60 upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito, low to mid 60s north bay afternoon sun at your beaches petaluma 77 everybody else low to mid 80s north bay valleys berkeley 71, 78 castro valley inland mid to upper 80s, 83 dublin, brentwood 88 morgan hill, gilroy hollister 80s, 70s
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monterey bay clouds monterey carmel and pacific grove mid 60s cloud cover tonight along the coast drizzle possible around half moon bay and pacifica, around the bay, clear inland 4 4s r, 46 napa, 49 -- san rafael, cool start to tomorrow morning. dry air and sunshine tomorrow, temperatures a -- maybe one to two degrees warmer bay and coast, 90s inland wednesday through sunday low to mid 80s around the bay mid 60s coast. good morning. back to the san mateo bridge westbound direction brake lights because on the highrise we have a stall lane number three beginning to slow now westbound. eastbound is fine from foster to hayward. macarthur maze flowing smoothly from 880, 580 and 80 into the bay bridge toll, no
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metering lights so far, you can see traffic flowing nicely as you head through metering lights up the incline section into san francisco. some areas of concern eastbound highway 4 loveridge lanes blocked due to roadwork detour in place that should be picked up in a couple of minutes. roadwork in marin north 101 through the cortamadera area picked 6:00 this morning when your commute gets underway. drive times if you are headed out carquinez bridge into the maze drive is less than 20 minutes out of antioch and 580 up over the altamont pass. 5:21. next, quick check of bay area baseball scores. also, the 49ers send a message how the team came out on top over green bay. another big league honor for petaluma's little league heroes. how matt cain helped
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giants open three game series against the rockies tonight. a's take on angels in los angeles tonight after sweeping the mariners in seattle over the weekend. >> 49ers and fans are relishing the team's victory in green bay at lambeau field which may be one of the best wins on opening day in team history. the victory was their first at lambeau since november of 1990, 9ers scored first on that pass
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from smith to moss. the first half capped off by record tying 63 yard field goal, hit the cross bar and went through, gore ran for 112 yards, 9ers old off for a victory. >> the fight for 62 minutes was there, i thought we played our best game with our minds that we've ever played. >> the 9ers are hoping to build on their win when they host the lions next sunday. raiders monday night football seem to go together they open tonight against the chargers. key to the offensive success is mcfadden. he led the league last year in rushing for the first sick games before injuring his foot and missing the rest of the season. quarterback palmer is looking forward to playing with mcfadden. the petaluma national
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little league team is sleeping with sweet dreams after chowing down with matt cain, he treated the team and their families to pizza in san francisco yesterday after several pizzas, team members said they were in awe of the all-star. >> having a pizza party with matt cain, amazing right now, most people would dream to be with him and to meet him in person is really cool. >> it was good, exciting to hang out with all the petaluma kids and enjoyed their stories they had in the world series did i give pitching tips? no probably learning from these kids. >> right! the team has been given a raid and other forms of recognition after finishing third in last month's world series iway to go and kudos to you mr. cain for being so nice. next, new developments in a deadly weekend crash that claimed the life of a woman
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and severely injured another. exclusive interview with the man who alerted authorities to the whereabouts of a man who kidnapped his kids. governor brown on the defense, his message to new jersey's governor chris christie about a fitness challenge. 60s along the coast into san francisco, 70s around the bay, 80s inland, warmer than yesterday. around the country today coolest in the corners, 60s seattle, portland, boston, 80s and 90s from the great lakes. flight arrival delays into newark, departure delays out of boston now. check out our flight tracker
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good morning. thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. suspect waking up in jail this morning accused of ramming his truck into two female pedestrians in walnut creek one is dead the other is in intensive care. amy hollyfield is live at john muir hospital with the latest. >> reporter: you can't help but think about the young man who lost his mother saturday night and is here at the bedside of his young wife, his new wife they got married over the summer she is in very critical condition. police say 53-year-old hosein tar tar -- hosein tabrizi rain into the family. crews had to cut his truck to get him out u the family of two men and two women were
5:32 am
walking on the sidewalk on north main at 6:15 saturday night when they were hit. this happened in front of the marriott hotel, there were several horrified witnesses, many who tried to help. 53-year-old sherry hicks was dead. she was visiting her son and new wife they were married over the summer. his wife's name has not been released. she is in the hospital. latest information we have on her is she is in very, very critical condition. police say it is too early to know why tabrizi crashed whether he was speeding, if he was under the of drugs and alcohol, they are still investigating. a friend and colleague of hicks tells the mercury news hicks was a math teacher in santa barbara, loved by her students and she will be greatly missed. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. father and son have a
5:33 am
story to tell about their weekend on a flight along the central coast they were forced to make an emergency landing in the pacific ocean. the coast guard raced to reach the men, 38 miles off the coast. yesterday afternoon. a helicopter rescue crew from san francisco responded to the may-day call this video shows the rescue the plane was partially submerged when a rescue swimmer was lowered into the water the 70-year-old man was suffering from hypothermia, his son also rescued, but refused medical treatment. kara clapper will have more, coming up. commercial fisherman who suspected something was wrong and helped rescue two kidnapped children tells his story to abc7 news. he said he was trolling for tuna when he noticed the boat sailing in circles the man
5:34 am
onboard says he was going to hawaii but had run short on fuel, he thought that was strange and called the coast guard. they sent him photos of the missing children and he was able to confirm they were born. >> don't be afraid to say something when there's children involved. that's why this worked out good. everybody played a part did it professionally and it worked out great. >> the coast guard escorted the stolen sailboat back to port where christopher maffei surrendered without incident he was wanted for abducting his children as his estranged wife sought a restraining order. this morning a memorial service planned for the missing lafayette man whose body was found on the sacramento river yesterday morning. a fisherman discovered brett olson's body two miles from where he disappeared a week ago. the sheriff believes there was
5:35 am
no foul play and olson drowned. an autopsy will take place tomorrow, officials credited the dozens of volunteers who joined the search for the cal-poly student. >> they spent a week helping look for him and unfortunately, it came to a tragic ending, but their efforts were not in vain, they did the right thing. >> olson's family and friends plan to honor whim a candlelight vigil tomorrow evening at 7 p.m.. 5:35. community meeting later today to address a tasing incident involving a dog walker. it happened in january along a trail by the golden gate recreation area. park ranger tased the dog walker after he gave the ranger a false name and began to walk away. the congresswoman called it
5:36 am
excessive force the park service has exonerated the ranger the dog walker is suing the national park service. governor brown defending his recent fitness challenge against new jersey governor christie. christie called brown an old retread. brown issued christie a challenge, this weekend, brown clarified the challenge saying it wasn't an attack against christie's weight, but a way to show that at 74 he's not over-the-hill. >> so, i warmed up i said okay christie, i challenge you to a three mile race, try some chin-ups maybe and some push-ups. >> you were saying he's overweight? >> no, it says this old retread can beat you any day of the week. >> christie responded last week telling reporters that brown can have that contest with himself. 5:36. away from bickering on to the forecast, something we can all agree on.
5:37 am
>> get outside, get a little fitness, why not the weather is looking great for that. absolutely, settlement one of the warmer months going to show its -- september one of the warmer months going to show its hand this week. marine layer won't last very long, clear spots by 7:00, especially the farther you are away from the ocean most of us in the 50s, few areas north bay valleys, 40s noon just a few clouds coast the rest of us sun near 80 lunchtime inland 74 bay, 57 coast, sunshine by 4:00, you jump up to the 64 upper 70s bay, mid 80s 4:00 inland cool by 7:00, the days are getting shorter, mid to upper 70s inland, mid to upper 60s bay, 60 as you head out to the coast. next three days you can see temperatures climbing couple of degrees tomorrow, couple more wednesday before you know it, thursday, topping out in
5:38 am
the mid 90s inland, mid 80s bay and mid to upper 60s at the coast. more warmth in your seven day forecast. here's sue. good morning. so far, so good, no major problems to report always a good way to start your week. southbound 101 through marin out of novato, past the civic center into central san rafael, people out there company, no slow traffic as you head through central marin. earlier stall on the san mateo bridge on the highrise out of lanes, you see a bette of traffic towards the highrise, a few brake lights on your drive towards foster city still a 15 minute drive from foster hayward to foster city bay bridge good no metering lights traffic flowing smoothly minor delay folks paying cash.
5:39 am
roadwork north 101 through cortamadera slowing towards san rafael, from the central valley, up to the altamont pass traffic beginning to slow there from the altamont into the 680 dublin interchange still a good ride. 5:39. next, positive sign for u.s. insurers, safed from collapse in one of the government's largest wall street bailout packages. >> bay area school district making cafeteria
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new study says california may not be so great for businesses when it comes to lawsuits. according to a new poll, the golden state ranks 47th in the nation in how fair and reasonable our courts are regarding business lawsuits. san francisco was rated 4th worst local jurisdiction in the country. the survey says california judges certify class action suits for trials that wouldn't be certified anywhere else. the poll asked corporate attorneys and conducted by hard rinse ter active. new signs the -- insurance giant aig is back on its feet, treasury department selling more shares of aig the move
5:43 am
should bring the government's stake in the company below majority stake for the first time since the 182 billion dollar bailout in 2008. the treasury department is selling 18 billion dollars of aig shares the insurance company says it will buy back five billion dollars worth. aig nearly collapsed in 2008 until the government bailed them out. something missing from students' lunch trays today. meatless mondays go into effect in pleasanton. the novato district takes part in the program part of an international movement that began in 2003 designed to educate students about health benefits. school officials admit it could take a while to get students used to the new menu on mondays. >> so it won't taste just like chicken. >> definitely not. next, hope for struggling
5:44 am
homeowners when it comes to refinancing. bloomberg business report, next. bay area marks another tragic milestone how san bruno residents are remembering victims of the pipeline explosion. tornado wreaks havoc in new york! we'll show you the video. newsest dance craze sweeping the nation. one viewer told me i wasn't doing it right.@ñ
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welcome back. warmer weather on the way more sun at coast inland 80s, 70s bay, 60s coast into san francisco, live doppler a little quieter than yesterday in southern california tornado in riverside, more thunderstorms are possible down there, if you are heading that way today. farther north, 90s through the central valley, 77 tahoe, 78 at big sur. 5:47. tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of september 11th, attacks. abc news obtained a bulletin that wafrpbls of a lone wolf attack where one -- warns of alone wolf attack where one person is the attacker. one example was may 20 man tried to blow up a car packed with ex-blow sieves in times square. authorities say these types of
5:48 am
attacks are harder to track more organized threats by al-qaeda are downgraded because most of the organization's top leaders are dead or in prison. two solemn ceremonies in san bruno mark yesterday's two year anniversary of the deadly pipeline disaster. plaque bearing the names of the eight who died. the deadly blast september 9th, was blamed on a faulty weld in a pg&e gas pipeline. the ceremony was attended by two surviving daughters of elizabeth torres. >> nice she is remembered but would rather her be here. at least she is part of -- she liked this park. >> another ceremony held at the scene of the blast in san bruno's crestmoor neighborhood by neighbors who observed a moment of silence. crews cleaning up damage left by two rare tornadoes
5:49 am
that touched down over the weekend in new york city. this touched down in queens captured on home video the other in brooklyn. in the past half century, 60 tornadoes in the nation's biggest city, 10 occurred in the past five years. two in one day is unusual. new york's cleaned up the weather service confirmed they were in fact tornadoes. the twister was rated ef-0. brooklyn twister rated ef-1 winds up to 110 miles per hour. you can get much worse. >> usually in the middle part of the country not on the extremes like that don't have the dynamics, but still a lot of trees down, a lot of firewood for folks as they cleanup today. for us, there's that calm, a few clouds out there, right now everything is quiet. we may have a little drizzle at our coasts for the most
5:50 am
part die start. -- part dry start. temperatures still 48 santa rosa, the rest us in the 50s los gatos 48. low to mid 50s monterey bay and inland. more warming today, longer nights dry air cooler valleys, more 40s as we go forward and sunny and warm everywhere as we head through the weekend. today, we are one degree warmer oakland down at the bottom, three in san francisco, four in santa rosa, san jose concord eight degrees warmer fremont up to 77° today. mid 70s to low 80s milpitas 76, 78 san jose. peninsula low to mid 70s, 64 half moon bay cool spot daly city at 60, pockets of sun. upper 60s downtown south
5:51 am
san francisco and sausalito upper 70s to mid 80s north bay valleys, petaluma 77 santa rosa 84. low to mid 60s at your beaches with afternoon sun berkeley 71, 77 fremont, 78 castro valley mid to upper 80s throughout the east bay valleys one of the cooler days, mid 60s monterey, carmel, mid 80s inland. 40s tonight napa and santa rosa the rest of us in the 50s if we have any drizzle for tomorrow's morning commute mainly along the coast. couple areas of low pressure moving from us, jet stream up to our north going to continue moving north as high pressure takes over and makes extended stay in our neighborhoods. not a single chance of rain in this forecast, temperatures starting wednesday in the low to mid 90s inland, low to mid 80s bay and mid to upper 60s
5:52 am
along the coast. have a great day. here's sue. good morning. happy monday. getting up and at 'em, you will find yourself in company on the 80 towards the macarthur maze through emeryville and berkeley, no problems, golden gate bridge a little mist not too heavy, no visibility issues if you come off the waldo grade into san francisco looks like they've got your four southbound lanes configured for the commute. little back-up paying cash at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights on. traffic flowing nicely into san francisco past the incline and throughout the tunnel. north 101 sir francis drake slowing through cortamadera various lanes with roadwork that repaving project that is ongoing. a little slow traffic out of the central valley eastbound at grant line, accident that is not affecting your westbound commute, still 20 minutes from the altamont up and over into livermore. definitely getting slow out of
5:53 am
antioch towards pittsburg. 5:53. hope this morning for struggling homeowners looking to refinance. >> here's the morning's bloomberg business report. good morning. jc penney bringing back free haircuts the department store chain is making popular deal permanent every sunday starting in november as the struggling retailer trees -- tries to bring in more foot traffic. hooters hoping the only women in the restaurants will not be the ones working there. the chain is expanding the menu bringing more light into restaurant wanting to attract more female customers and make it clear there is nothing to be ashamed of. the -- hooters facing growing competition toying with possible changes to its skimpy uniforms. higher close for stocks on
5:54 am
friday. it may be about to get easier to refinance white house pushing congress to vote on commanding a program -- at the new york stock exchange, i'm -- 5:54. many choose apple's iphone because they like the pictures it takes. now the tech giant has created a tool to block the photo feature in certain areas. apple just received a patent that would make the smartphone useless if you enter an area too sensitive for taking pictures or video. helicopter execs see it as a tool to stop movie bootleggers. educators think stop cheaters. civil libertarians worry governments will use the tool to restrict free speech and communication. we are excitedded to welcome a new show to our afternoon line-up today. katie premieres at . >> hi everyone, as our theme
5:55 am
song goes, i am ready for this day, also excited, a little nervous too, but we have a great first show for with you a few surprises and some guests i'm really excited about. jessica simpson will be here for her first tv interview since having her baby in may, she has a lot to say about being a new mom and how she handled the tabloid headlines about her weight gain. sheryl crow is stopping by she will be talking about the brain tumor her doctors discovered. a lot to ask bottle of these amazing women and i can't way i hope you will tune -- ask both of these amazing women. i can't wait i hope you will tune in for the first episode of "80." >> sherr is part of -- part of our all new afternoon line-up general hospital will air 1 p.m. instead of two, who wants to be a millionaire at two followed by jeopardy at
5:56 am
2:30, "katie" at 3:00, followed by abc7 news at 4:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't know why eric passed this story for me to read. newest craze on youtube videos featuring a korean rapper have gone viral more than 120 million hits. many have come up with their own versions. university of oregon cheerleaders and dance cam at dodgers stadium captures him. like the new call me maybe, i was able to learn the dance in the last hour it is like -- >> there you see why i wanted another read that story. -- [ talking over each other ]
5:57 am
next, weekend outing for a father and son ends in a crash landing in the pacific. help from the coast guard in the bay area to bring them to safety. surprising finding on vaccinations and children. it has to do with the kind of school they attend. trying to sell our iphone ahead of apple's big announcement? the cash you could expect online. here you go little man.
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